The DofE "physical section" includes any sport or aerobic activity that works your body (which distinguishes it from a skill)!

It can be a team sport or an individual sport. Your physical activity might include specific goals, targets, levels to achieve or competitions or simply involve participation over the required time-scale. You can be an expert of a high standard already or start something new as a beginner. It is progress that counts and this means setting appropriate goals with your assessor. A good idea what to choose is here.

Any sport can count so long as you can find a suitable venue and an assessor, usually this will be a coach known to you. At the very start students must ask an appropriate adult to be their assessor. The DofE enrolment pack has useful cards to help with this process.

School games and PE periods do not count!

If you are in a school team or play for a club then training sessions and matches outside lesson / curriculum time do count (e.g. lunch times or after school training).

  • Keep a diary record of dates you attend and scan this into edofe.
  • Photos / certificates etc can also be scanned into edofe as evidence of your progress and achievements.

You must find an adult assessor (usually your sports teacher or coach) who knows about the activity and is suitably qualified to be able to advise you, set suitable goals and monitor your progress.

At the end you will ask your assessor to sign up your edofe card and write a comment once you have finished the required time.