Data Communications

Training Objective
To be able to demonstrate theoretical and practical knowledge of the Air Cadet
Data Communications system.

Enabling Objectives.
Identify and explain the functions of the component parts of a DataComms
system i.e. the Power Supply Unit (PSU), Terminal Node Controller (TNC),
Personal Computer, Transceiver (TCVR) and the software in use.
Explain the function of a DataComms Node, and describe its operation as
both a Node and Digipeater.
Describe the functions of a Bulletin Board System (BBS), and the role of the
Systems Operator (SYSOP).
Demonstrate a good knowledge of Security of DataComms transmissions
together with operating practices and procedures.
Indicate which ATC channel is used on the Network, the maximum
transmitter power permitted, and the protocol in use at the TNC.
Relate who may operate a DataComms system, and what qualifications are
List the various callsign suffixes used in DataComms transmissions.

Demonstrate proficiency in DataComms operation, the operating practices
and procedures, sending and receiving a message, sending and receiving
bulletins at the BBS and the various functions of a DataComms Node