I was at 399su for two tours ,one in 1965 to 66 then out to 264su in Cyprus returning again in 1969.
In 1972 I along with 11 others were sent out to 276su at short notice for 9 months returning in mid 1973.
Ending my service there in 1977,isnt it a small world !
Any how to get back to the original purpose of the e mail will now attach the photo to this reply .
Incidently since the other day a couple of names have come to me , the WO was Sid Warwick  and the cadet sgt was Ron Harrison, the names suddenly came to me at 3 am this morning.
On the photograph I am in the centre of the back row . Dereck Baldwin is 2nd from left in centre row and Dennis Olivier is 4th in from the left.  I was looking on the net again yesterday and fell across another website concerning the squadron and was surprise to see a paper cutting referring to a trip to RAF Brize Norton , this I do recall attending it was fairly early in my time with 485 and was quite exciting for all of us to see B47 bombers at close hand.