This Photo taken in 1958, appeared in the Birmingham Evening Mail newspaper in 2005.  It was seen by John Brindley's grandson who instantly recognised his grandad in the photo.  The photograph was sent into the newspaper by Vic Cobden another ex cadet of 485 squadron. From the article the two ex cadets got back in touch with each by phone.  "It was 45 years since they had last spoken and lost contact". In 2006 the squadron held a sponsored 24 hour drill fundraising event which was published in the Birmingham Evening Mail newspaper from this Vic Cobden contacted the squadron and also let us know about John Brindley.  We arranged for the two ex cadets to meet at the squadron Headquarters, where they first met each other many years early, this was the first time that they had seen each other in person in 45 years.

They commented on how much the Squadron building had changed and glad to see two items which have remained in the HQ for a number of years, a large propeller in the Cadets Mess which is of unknown origin and the retired 485 Standard which was replaced in 1998.