Civilian Committee


Some of the specific ways in which a squadron committee can and indeed should help its own squadron are:

  • Assisting the Squadron Commander by all means within their power to increase the effectiveness of the squadron.
  • Providing or arranging support in terms of finance facilities and negotiation with local authorities or other bodies or individuals as may be required to support these additional activities.
  • Assisting the Squadron Commander in finding suitable adult staff to support all activities. This may cover quite a wide field because requests for specialist activities on behalf of the cadets will be dependent on the finding of a suitable adult to act as instructor.
  • Establishing and maintaining good relationships between the squadron and all elements of the local community with the objective of obtaining maximum support.

  • Giving assistance to the Squadron Commander in obtaining the maximum of good press, radio and television publicity.

  • The non-public monies entrusted to the committee shall be regarded as in the joint charge of all members of the committee, the honorary treasurer being regarded as their facilitator for the receipt, custody, and disbursement of such monies. The committee shall direct the honorary treasurer regarding his duties, as they think fit.

If you would like to join the committee please submit the short form below and the Chairman will be in touch. Thank you.